Psychotherapy and Counseling for Stress 
Anxiety Panic of New Jersey 

Where You'll Find Professional Skill and Compassionate Care

Are you stressed?  Worried?  Panicked?  Fearful?

          Is stress or anxiety hijacking your life?


                             Consider joining our Women's Anxiety Group

  • Learn about stress and anxiety and how they effect your mind and your body
  • Learn how to use specific tools and approaches that provide relief
  • Practice evidence-based Mind/Body Strategies
  • Learn cutting edge and important treatments for stress and anxiety
  • Discuss your concerns and receive valuable help from your group therapist
  • Receive support and help from people who share similar issues
  • Succeed in bringing more control into your life and receive the feeling of mastery!

Call 973-377-3966 to make a complementary 30 minute appointment with our psychotherapist.