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Individual Therapy

If you've been struggling with a pervasive problem, don't go it alone! Call us to set up a meeting with a therapist.  Here you'll have the chance to discuss what has been on your mind and what you need help for.  A treatment approach will be discussed and chosen, based on what best suits your presenting issues, needs and interests.  More info

Couples Therapy

Relationship problems?  Don't wait until it's too late!

In couples therapy we address the intimate relationship between you and your partner.  We help each of you look at what helps or hinders your relationship.  Understanding patterns of behavior and interaction helps you make necessary changes in your relationship.  More info

Group Therapy

Looking for support and help with an anxiety issue?  Our group might be of interest!  Group therapy brings together individuals with similar issues and provides a supportive, safe and healing environment.  Group therapy is sometimes used alone, but it can also be integrated into other therapies you undertake. More info


Our workshops are offered regularly throughout the year.  Some of our popular 90-minute ones are:

Mind/Body Strategies                  Stress Management

What Makes Couples Survive     Time Management