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Initial Meeting

In the course of your initial session with your therapist, you will discuss what has been on your mind and what has brought you to therapy.  A treatment approach will be discussed and chosen, based on what best suits your presenting issues, needs and interests

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Therapeutic Approaches

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

     Individual psychodynamic therapy helps you find relief from emotional pain by talking about your feelings, beliefs and conflicts.  We discuss your present experiences, thoughts and feelings as well as those from your past.  We identify patterns, understand unconscious motivations, and work towards resolving conflicts and emotional distress.  We talk face to face in therapy and meet at least once a week. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
     CBT is a therapeutic approach aimed to influence unwanted emotions, behaviors and beliefs.  We will help you understand the important role thinking plays in how we feel and, then in turn, how it can influence our actions.  We will help you set goals to make changes in your thoughts and change unwanted or non-productive behaviors.  This form of treatment is more structured and directive than psychodynamic therapy and is intended to remove specific symptoms.  It can be used alone or with psychodynamic therapy as needed.


Brainspotting is an important and powerful treatment technique that works neurophysiologically.  It helps the body and mind process what it has not yet been able to do.  This technique is used in conjunction with other kinds of treatment approaches.  Our Director, Gloria Paknis, is an Internationally Certified Brainspotter.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy‚Ą† builds upon traditional psychotherapeutic techniques and principles, but approaches the body as central in the therapeutic field of awareness, and includes observational skills, theories, and interventions not usually practiced in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Theoretical principles and treatment approaches from both the mental health and body psychotherapy traditions are integrated in this approach.